I’m an entrepreneur and software engineer, passionate about building products and technology for good. With a knack for creating clarity in complex and nuanced environments, I work with teams to pragmatically make progress on meaningful challenges. My broad interests lie in environmental sustainability, social equity, human connectedness, and health. Over the past decade, I’ve worked with a range of technologies to address real-world needs: education in Delhi’s slums, secure citizen journalism in war zones, and immigration reform. Today, I work on trust, inclusion, and belonging at Airbnb.

I provide personal mentorship and coaching to founders and engineers around motivation, identifying and leveraging strengths, career development, and team relationships. I help companies with topics related to entrepreneurship and engineering. Value I can add is to help teams break down problems, focus efforts, test hypotheses, raise funding, and ultimately build great products and scale. I understand how to evolve organizations and technology with changing business needs, having built teams and designed systems at companies across stages.