About Me

As entrepreneur and technologist, I’m passionate about building products, companies, and communities for good. I have a knack for creating clarity and executing in complex environments. Most of all, I enjoy helping others solve problems and build amazing things.


Today, I lead product engineering teams at Airbnb, and have worked on problems in a variety of domains including community development, public policy, and marketplace optimization. By bringing people together, I believe we can inspire more much-needed compassion in the world. Previously, I was CTO at RentMethod (acquired by Airbnb).

I’ve also spent a lot of my time in early-stage startups and non-profit projects, from academic research to Burning Man camps. Domains I’m broadly interested in include personal development, human connectedness, social equity, health, and environmental sustainability.

Coaching and Advisory

I coach and advise teams, founders, and other product / engineering leaders on topics ranging from goal-setting and strategy, leadership and team development, to scaling organizations. Demands on both technology and organization evolve throughout a company’s life cycle. Having built teams and products across stages, I can help.

My strong belief is that personal and leadership development are key to building effective teams and companies. As a coach, I challenge thinking and patterns, provide different ways of looking at things, and help folks develop clarity to move forward. This is one of the most rewarding ways I’ve found I can contribute.